What Is the Univision Prepaid Card?


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The Univision prepaid card features similar characteristics as a debit card but is not linked to a conventional checking account, according to the Univision website. Cardholders can use it to purchase from any store that accepts debit MasterCard, STAR cards or Maestro cards.

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The Univision prepaid card requires users to add money to the card by cash or check, states Univision. Cardholders can deposit cash at grocery stores and pharmacies. After putting money to the card, cardholders can start shopping using their Univision prepaid card; pay bills online, in person or by phone; and obtain cash at an ATM.

Individuals who want to apply for the Univision debit card don’t have to undergo a credit check approval or provide a traditional bank account, because a prepaid debit card does not provide credit, explains Univision. Cardholders also don’t have to pay overdraft fees and interest charges.

The Univision prepaid card serves as a safe alternative to bringing cash, and it ensures that a person’s money is protected through the MasterCard Zero Liability policy, notes Univision. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures deposits up to $250,000 through the Bancorp. To get a Univision prepaid card, a person can go to the official website, click Get The Card found at the top of the page and complete the online form.

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