What Are Some UnitedHealthcare HMO Plans?

As of 2015, UnitedHealthcare offers at least three types of Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO, plans. These plans include the UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Plan, UnitedHealthcare's Optimum Choice, Inc. and OCI families of plans, according to its website.

All three plan families require choosing a Primary Care Physician, or PCP, from a list of participating physicians, as UnitedHealthcare explains in each plan family's online description. The PCP serves as the central administration point for a covered employee's health care management. Most SignatureValue plans do not require that covered employees meet a yearly deductible before coverage takes effect, but they do require copayments at the time of service. While Optimum Choice, Inc. plans also require choosing a PCP and referrals to specialists, their Preferred plans offer both in- and out-of-network coverage. The Optimum Choice, Inc. plans can also be included in Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs.

UnitedHealthcare also offers several HMO-like plan families, and UnitedHealthcare Choice and Choice Plus are two examples listed on UnitedHealthcare's website. UnitedHealthcare describes these plans as "open access," which means that these plans do not require a covered employee to choose a primary care physician before receiving services from any of the insurance company's in-network providers nationwide. In its glossary, HealthCare.gov defines an HMO as offering plans that limit coverage to providers who contract with it.