What Are Some of the United Health Medicaid Plans?

What Are Some of the United Health Medicaid Plans?

United Health Medicaid plans in Arizona include a children's rehabilitative services program, a developmentally disabled program, long-term care and AHCCCS/Medicaid, according to UnitedHealthcare Services. Plans are available depending on the state of residence and may differ from state to state.

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, known as AHCCCS, is a Medicaid agency for pregnant women, children below 19 years of age, disabled people and those who cannot fund their insurance coverage, states UnitedHealthcare. Members can choose doctors and pharmacies within the network. It offers well care services such as vaccinations, preventive checkups and lab tests. Members' transportation costs to and from service facilities are covered. It also covers dental, hearing and vision care.

Long-term care is for people of all ages, but who have disability, illness or injury, explains UnitedHealthcare. It offers in-home care where a member lives and provides a case manager to help plan medical schedules. Members can speak to a registered nurse any time on any day, and it also covers equipment supplies such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs.

The developmentally disabled program is for children and adults with conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy and other cognitive disabilities, states UnitedHealthcare. It covers vision, hearing and dental care until the age of 21. Members who cannot speak English get an interpreter whenever they go to see a doctor. It has no copayments when members access preventive care and annual checkups covered by the plan.

The children's rehabilitative services program, known as CRS, is for AHCCCS members who are eligible, notes UnitedHealthcare. It has four types of policies: fully integrated, partially integrated-acute, partially integrated-behavioral health, and CRS only.