What Are Some Unique Paper Clip Designs?


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For truly unique paper clip designs, such as letters, hearts or hands, MarthaStewart.com offers advice on customizing paperclips from 20-gauge annealed-iron wire using wire cutters and round-nosed pliers. Unusual and different paper clip designs available from online stores include ContainerStore.com's pink flamingo-shaped clips, gold heart-shaped clips and clips in the shapes of cameras, bicycles and moustaches. OfficeDepot.com features traditional paper clips decorated with brightly-colored square or circular tabs, while Staples.com's inventory includes spiral-shaped clips in a range of bright colors.

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Home-designed paperclips, as featured on MarthaStewart.com, can be of any shape so long as they include at least two flat whorls or shapes that can sit above each other and hold one or more sheets of paper. The finished products can attach to greetings cards to make unique gifts. The tools and wire necessary to complete the project are sold at general craft or jewelry-supply stores. The range of paper clips on ContainerStore.com can offer inspiration to anyone attempting the project with designs that include rabbits, alligators, spectacles, bowties and clothes hangers.

OfficeDepot.com's fashion paper clips can secure up to 20 sheets of paper. The brightly-colored tabs can help users locate paperwork stored in files or trays. Staples.com's JAM circular-shaped colored paperclips are coated in vinyl to hold papers firmly.

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