What Is the Union That Covers Truck Drivers?


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The Teamsters Union covers truck drivers. The Freight Division of the Teamsters Union represents everyone from truck drivers to dock workers.

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The Teamsters Union was founded in 1903 as a result of a merger between two of the leading driver associations. Today, the union works to ensure truck drivers are treated fairly and work in both the private and public sector. The union works to help truckers negotiate contracts and, once signed, makes sure the contracts are upheld by all concerned parties. The Teamsters also work to make sure employees receive proper benefits, such as paid time off, retirement benefits and health insurance.

The Teamsters have their own credit card called the Teamster Privilege card and members get special discounts on home and auto insurance. Teamsters have a 401k, and the union offers spouses, children and friends access to union job opportunities. There is even a JRH Scholarship fund named after Jimmy Hoffa that helps children attend college.

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