How Do You Get an Unarmed Security Guard Certification?


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To be certified as an unarmed security guard you must apply for a state unarmed security guard license. To find licensing requirements, visit a state government website. You must also attend a certification training course that meets, or exceeds, state requirements.

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Each state has its own requirements and process for obtaining an unarmed security guard license. Basic requirements include being at least 18 years of age and a United States citizen or resident alien. Licensing applicants in the state of Washington must be employed by a licensed private security guard company or have an offer of employment to work as a security guard at a security company. Washington state also mandates that applicants have no criminal convictions that impede public safety or get in the way of job duties. The application process involves submitting a private security guard licensing application, fingerprint card and paying an application fee.

Certification requires completion of mandatory security guard training exercises, which involve learning basic principles of security, legalities and emergency response. Typically, this is a one-day course taught at a state approved facility. Trainees do role-play exercises and learn about the appropriate use of physical force. Other common training topics include fire and medical emergencies and crowd control.

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