What Is UHC Medicare Coverage?

What Is UHC Medicare Coverage?

UHC Medicare coverage is a supplemental medical insurance plan available through United Health Care and offered to existing Medicare patients. The plan covers expenses not covered by Medicare, like co-payments and deductibles. The payments include hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care, outpatient care, doctor visits and other medical expenses.

This supplemental plan is not automatic. Apply for it within the first six months after receiving Medicare. Medicare does not cover all medical expenses, so UHC Medicare coverage can help fill the gap between actual medical expenses and what is covered by Original Medicare. Plans provide coverage all over the United States.

Doctors who accept Medicare patients are covered and referrals to specialists are not required if the specialist accepts Medicare. Medicare Plan D drug coverage, with a zero deductible, is an additional option available through United Health Care. Coverage cannot be cancelled or premiums raised because of health problems. As long as premiums are consistently paid, the plan is renewable.

The UHC Medicare supplement has some exclusions. No coverage is provided for Medicare covered expenses and no hospital stays or medical expenses that started before coverage went into effect are covered. No worker’s compensation claims are covered and non-participating hospitals are excluded from coverage, except in an emergency. Pre-existing conditions are not covered for the first three months.

Premiums for a UHC Medicare Plan depend upon the amount of coverage you wish to purchase and where you live.