What Are Some U.S. Tariff Codes?

What Are Some U.S. Tariff Codes?

U.S. tariff codes include live animals and animal products, vegetable products and prepared food such as beverages, vinegar and tobacco products. Codes also exist for both base metals and articles produced from base metals, transportation equipment, guns and ammunition, art and antiques and miscellaneous articles that do not fall into a particular category.

Live animal and animal products tariffs cover the transportation of livestock, as well as their edible by-products. It also includes the transportation of living or dead fish, natural honey and bird eggs.

Vegetable products that fall under U.S. tariff codes include fruits, nuts, saps, gums and resins. Coffee and tea also fall into this category.

U.S. tariff codes regulate the shipment of base metals such as iron, copper, nickel, aluminum and lead. Zinc and tin are also regulated, as well as products made from any of these materials. This section of the tariff code handbook includes the only blank chapter, Chapter 77, which is set aside for future use pending the addition of other metals to the list.

Transportation equipment listed in the U.S. tariff codes includes aircrafts, spacecrafts, ships, boats and all other vehicles. Trains and track fixtures are also included.

The miscellaneous section includes all types of furniture, lamps, nameplates and prefabricated buildings. While it also includes some toys and games, many toys are also found under the tariff code that covers works of art.