What Is the U.S. Postal Test?

What Is the U.S. Postal Test?

The U.S. Postal Test is an exam taken by prospective employees of the U.S. Postal Service. Applicants take the computerized exam at proctored testing centers throughout the country.

The Postal Service application process begins with an online application, which includes a short pre-test. Individuals that pass this stage are then eligible to take the U.S. Postal Test.

The U.S. Postal Test has five timed sections. The first segment assesses applicants' address verification and comparison skills. This portion of the test has 60 questions and takes 11 minutes. The second section takes 15 minutes and contains 30 questions about form completion. The next section, which deals with address code assignment, has 36 questions and takes six minutes.

Section four tests address code memorization skills. It takes seven minutes and includes 36 questions.

The final section of the U.S. Postal Test takes 90 minutes. It contains 236 questions that assess applicants' experiential knowledge and relevant personal characteristics.

A minimum score of 70 qualifies applicants for open positions. Applicants to certain administrative positions must take the pre-test but are exempt from the U.S. Postal Test, and many corporate positions do not require any testing. Current Postal Service employees have the first chance to apply for open jobs. If a position remains unfilled, it becomes available to outside applicants.