What Are Some U.S. Bicycle Manufacturers?


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As of 2014, bicycle manufacturers in the United States include Pedal Driven Cycles, Bike Friday, Worksman Folding Cycles, Intense Cycles USA, Rodriguez Bicycles, Co-Motion Cycles and Wound Up. Trailmate Tricycles builds full-size adult tricycles in the United States. The iconic American bicycle brands Schwinn and Cannondale brands do not manufacture their bikes in the United States.

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Karl von Drais patented the earliest version of the bicycle in 1818, which he named the Laufmaschine, or "running machine." On his first reported ride, he covered 8 miles in less than an hour. Originally produced in France and Germany, it was the first two-wheeled, human-powered and steerable vehicle to sell successfully. Also called a velocipede, the original bike design was made almost entirely of wood and weighed 48 pounds. It featured brass bushings, iron-shod wheels and a rear-wheel brake. Riders pushed themselves forward using their feet until a French metal worker added pedals and a rotary crank around 1863, creating the first modern bicycle. Thousands of velocipedes were built and primarily used in western Europe and North America, but their popularity faded as cities began to ban their use due to an increase in accidents. Denis Johnson, a British cartwright, improved on the design in 1818, and by the summer of 1819, his design had become a craze and fashion in London.

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