What Is the Tyson Purchasing Power Program?


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Purchasing Power is a benefit extended to Tyson Foods employees. It allows eligible employees to purchase products on credit through the Purchasing Power site. Payments for the items are deducted from future paychecks.

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To qualify for Purchasing Power, employees of Tyson Foods must be full-time employees over the age of 18. Employees must hold their full-time employment status for 12 months before becoming eligible to purchase products through Purchasing Power. There is a minimum salary requirement of $16,000 per year, and participating employees must provide a backup funding source such as a bank account or credit card.

Payments for items are deducted from the employee's paychecks in equal installments until the item is paid off. If an employee loses eligibility before the balance is paid, the backup funding source is charged. There is no credit check prior to participating in Purchasing Power, and there are no interest charges or hidden fees. Spending limits are based on the employee's salary and tenure.

Employees can purchase items on the Purchasing Power website or through the site's mobile app. Employment verification documents can be submitted through both the website and the app. Purchasing Power's mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.

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