What Is Typically in a Letter Requesting Distributorship?

A letter requesting distribution rights typically includes a description of the company making the request along with details about its customer base and its general operating structure along with an estimate of the number of units it wishes to sell. The letter should also clearly state what item the requesting company wishes to distribute and how it may benefit the manufacturer.

Many products require retailers to obtain special rights and documentation before selling them in stores or through websites, such as when there is a matter of copyrighting or patenting. In these cases, the retailer can write a letter to the manufacturer requesting distributorship in order to initiate the process of obtaining those rights, which typically involves singing various kinds of paperwork and may include paying various fees. Such letters should include the name and contact information for the business requesting the rights along with the name of the company representative writing the request.

The body of the letter should directly state that the company is requesting the rights to distribute a specific product, offering an official name or product number to avoid any confusion. The letter should also briefly cover the financial solvency and market reach of the business to demonstrate why the manufacturer can benefit from granting the rights. It may be necessary to include additional documents, such as a business plan or profit and loss statement, to support the request.