What Is Typically Included on a Truck Driver's Daily Log Sheet?


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Driver daily log sheets typically contain the date, personal information and carrier information. The main purpose of the log book, however, is not to record that, but to log a driver's on and off duty time. Mandated by the DOT and punishable by law, drivers must fill out their daily log sheets and, if requested, present the previous seven days' log sheets showing mileage and a breakdown of hours driving, on duty not driving, sleeping and off duty.

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The laws requiring truck drivers to log their time and mileage are fairly involved and specific. The overall purpose, however, is to ensure that drivers are getting enough rest and not overworking (or being overworked). To combat this, the Department of Transportation requires drivers to keep daily logs. Filling out these logs can become fairly involved as the laws can be confusing. For example, drivers may have co-drivers or may drive for more than one carrier to multiple locations in a 24-hour period.

Until a few years ago, drivers had to also fill out a DVIR, or driver vehicle inspection report, daily and have it available. In an effort to reduce paperwork, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, or FMCSA, rescinded the daily requirement, changing the driver's responsibility to produce a log only if a vehicle needed attention.

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