What Is Typically Included in an RN Performance Evaluation?


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The RN performance evaluation typically includes an assessment of clinical skills and knowledge, professional relationships, therapeutic communication, professional development and advanced practice. The nurse completes a portion of the evaluation while peers and registered nurses complete other segments.

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A Registered Nurse performance evaluation tool links employee compensation schemes to the performance of individuals in a managed-care environment. The tool contains five domains that assess the skills and capabilities of hospital personnel. The tool requires employees to complete a self-evaluation and undergo a peer evaluation. The self-evaluation section requires employees to submit feedback on their skills and knowledge and draft an annual plan for the subsequent year. Senior nurses or hospital managers collect the self-evaluation responses and compare them to peer evaluations and their assessments.

The peer input section of the performance evaluation requires employees to provide feedback on the nursing process and diagnosis of their peers. The section also indicates the qualities of the nurse under review and the potential opportunities for his or her growth. Nurses must consider the information obtained from the peer review when filling their self-evaluations. The RN performance evaluation also includes an assessment of an employee's knowledge of policies and standards, awareness of patient rights and diversity considerations, and an overall performance rating.

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