What Is Typically Included in a Physician Referral Letter?


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A physician referral letter typically includes an introduction of the doctor writing the letter along with an introduction of the patient, which includes a description of her current condition and needs. The letter also explains why the physician feels the patient stands to benefit from treatment by the recipient physician and ends with an open invitation to discuss the matter further as necessary.

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A physician referral letter is common in the medical profession, as many patients require care from other medical personnel with different skills than their primary care physicians. Doctors write such letters when patients require treatment from other specialists or when doctors need to transfer patients to the care of other general practitioners. In either case, the letter should open with a formal introduction of the physician making the referral, including a short summary of her background and experience.

The letter also needs to introduce the new physician to the patient, including her name and a summary of her general health and her current condition. The letter needs to explain why the condition necessitates the attention of the new physician, offering any details that may help with treatment. It should conclude with the referring doctor thanking the new physician for accepting the patient and include a method through which she may answer any other questions about the patient.

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