What Typically Is Included in an HR Disciplinary Letter?


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A HR disciplinary letter includes a detailed account of the problem that warranted the letter, as well as the expected and unexpected conduct. It also states the employee’s right to appeal the decision outlined in the letter.

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State in the beginning that it is a disciplinary letter, and outline the unacceptable and expected conduct. Make reference to the violated policy or contract, and outline previous interventions in regard to the problem, such as previous disciplinary actions. Describe the impact of the problem, such as loss of revenue for the organization.

Give a detailed description of each misconduct, the evidence presented and the decision reached. Restate the expected behavior and the consequences of any substandard performance. The employee should also be informed of how long HR is likely to store the letter in his personnel file before invalidating it.

In case the disciplinary letter is for dismissing an employee, state the date from which the dismissal is effective. Explain the arrangements regarding claiming the accrued leave days and those regarding returning company possessions, such as the company car.

State the employee’s right to appeal the decision in writing, inform him the period available to appeal and to whom he should address the letter. Explain that his appeal letter should clearly state the grounds for the appeal.

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