What Is Typically Included on a Home Inspection Worksheet?


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A home inspection worksheet should include the structure, the exterior of the building, the roofing, plumbing works, interiors, the heating systems and the ventilation system used in the building. Moreover, the worksheet should also check electrical connections, fire places and the air conditioning system to the property, notes Realtor magazine.

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When inspecting the structure of the home, the foundation of the building, the area where the building is built and the framing of the building should be inspected. It is also important that the walkways, gardens, driveways, drainage system, balconies, windows and doors be inspected when inspecting the exterior parts of the building. The water supply, water heating equipment and the drainage pumps should be examined under the plumbing system.

The interior inspection of the home involves checking out the walls, painting works, ceilings, floors, cabinets and garage doors. Any damage to the interior should be noted, as well as the things that need replacement and repairs. Under electrical inspection, inspectors should ensure that the wiring was done properly to prevent injuries and damage to the various household goods.

The heating inspection involves checking out the venting systems, the flues, chimneys and the air conditioning system installed in the building, reports Realtor magazine.

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