What Is Typically Included on a Georgia State Tax Table?


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Georgia state tax tables are separated in groups from based on your means of income, with columns arranged according to the amount of income a person earned in certain time periods. Allowances are determined based on which bracket of income a person falls under, states the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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Categories of tables include single, head of the household, married filing joint with one spouse working, and married filing separate/joint both working. Based on which status a person falls under, the relation of income to allowance varies slightly. After determining the appropriate category, Georgia state tax tables divide into five more groups, such as weekly, biweekly, monthly and daily. These charts show what a person's allowance is based on how much money he has made in those specific time frames, indicates the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Simpler tax brackets are also available, divided into only two categories: single or married. In the state of Georgia, there are 12 different tax brackets ranging from 1 percent as the lowest to 6 percent being the highest. Married couples filing a joint income have wider tax brackets than single people filing individually, which is why each group has six brackets with a total of 12 brackets, according to Georgia Income Tax Brackets.

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