What Is Typically Included in an Employment Contract?


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An employment contract typically includes information regarding the title of the position offered, the rate of pay, the starting date, any probationary periods and a confidentiality agreement. If the employee is on probation for a short time after his start date, that is typically in the contract. An employment contract may also include the company policy when it comes to bonuses and raises. For example, if the company does annual reviews for salary increases, that information is outlined in the contract.

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If the need for a confidentiality clause exists, outline what is confidential. It's helpful to have the employee sign a separate nondisclosure agreement. A clause regarding the tech workplace privacy rules to protect employees is also necessary, and that policy should be clearly outlined in the contract before an employee begins to use social media or email with company electronics.

An overview of benefits and sick days is typically outlined in an employment contract. An employer should specifically note the benefits offered, including the disability or life insurance, heath insurance and retirement benefit accounts. Vacation and sick days should be clearly noted.

An employee contract generally states the grounds and reasons an employer can terminate an employee and indicates the desired amount of notice the company wants if the employee decides to vacate his position.

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