What Is Typically Included on an Employee Satisfaction Survey?


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Employee satisfaction surveys typically include a series of questions to find out how each worker feels about the company as a whole, the efficacy of managers, and what the company can do better. It may also include questions on the level of satisfaction with the employee's pay rate and benefits or on a specific project or aspect of the company.

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Company's conduct employee satisfaction surveys to make sure that everyone is happy in their current role and that the company provides the appropriate environment, encouragement and compensation to encourage them to stay and excel at their jobs. The often use a quantitative measurement system that asks employees to rate different aspects of the company or the job on a set scale so that the company can measure the responses mathematically. These surveys commonly contain general questions that ask the employee to rate the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the company or the workplace to establish a base response level.

Other questions that may appear on such as survey focus on specific details of employment at the company, such as the facilities, the helpfulness of support staff or the quality of on-site services such as food or equipment. The survey can also include question to find out the employee feel the company appreciates her, and if she thinks there is room or the opportunity to advance her career. It can also feature a free response section to provide feedback on any other subjects not already in the survey.

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