What Is Typically Included on an Emergency Contact Form?


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An emergency contact form typically includes the name, address and phone number of the employee along with the same information for up to two parties the company is to contact in the event of an emergency. It may also include the local hospital the employee wishes to visit if ill or incapacitated, insurance information and allergy details.

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The purpose of an emergency contact form is to enable a company to contact the family members of an employee if she experiences any harm while at the job site, as well as to understand her basic medical needs in such an event. The forms typically begin with the contact information for the employee, including a home address and the name of her supervisor. This also allows other parties to contact the correct departments within the company in the event of a medical issue with the employee.

The bulk of the form consists of the personal information for the employee's contacts, with some forms featuring sections for a primary and secondary party. Each section may ask for the contact's name, home phone number, cellphone number, home address and email address. The form typically also asks the employee to specify her relationship to the contact, such as a spouse or parent. Some forms also contain areas for the employee to specify a medical facility to visit if necessary along with her insurance information, such as a policy number.

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