What Is Typically Included on a CV?


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The content that typically appears on a curriculum vitae includes a list of the applicant's past employment, her education history and a list of her most relevant skills for the position to which she is applying. It may also include her contact information, a personal summary and a list of contacts to provide personal or professional references.

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A curriculum vitae, also known as a CV, usually begins with the applicant's name, address and phone number at the top, followed by a listing of her skills and qualifications. Beneath this is a list of her work history, including the start and end dates of each position and her title at the time. The applicant may add short descriptions of her responsibilities for the job as well. CVs also contain a summary of the applicant's education, including the name of her degrees and the dates of graduation.

These sections may change in content depending on the job for which she is applying. The documents vary in content somewhat between regions, with the CVs typically being shorter within the United Kingdom and longer in the United States, where it appears more often in academic circles and contains additional details about the person's publication history. Some CVs also include an additional page for a photograph or a body of relevant awards or other work, often in the forms of names and dates to which the employer may reference the piece..

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