What Is Typically Included in a Corporate Sponsorship Proposal Letter?


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A corporate sponsorship proposal letter typically includes an introduction for the organization requesting the sponsorship and the reason it needs the assistance, along with a direct request for help from the company and an explanation of how it can help. It also includes potential donation levels and benefits or sponsorship, along with instructions on how to use any additional documents.

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Many nonprofit or similar organizations seek corporate sponsorship as a means of obtaining funding for various actions and activities, typically to help further the organization's cause without having to resort to other commercial ventures. As such, a sponsorship proposal letter should begin with an honest and clear introduction of the organization so that the corporate representative can understand its full nature and purpose. It can help to use statistics about the actions of the organization to help illustrate the impact it has on its community or target audience. This also helps the corporate representative form a quantifiable understanding of the work the organization does.

The letter also needs to clearly state that the organization is asking for the corporations help in achieving its goals through a sponsorship. Again, citing specific numbers can help make the proposal more effective. For example, if the organization offers meals to the homeless, the letter could include the cost of a single meal for one person. The letter should end by mentioning the benefits the corporation may receive for its sponsorship and mention any submission forms or fact sheets that are included with the letter.

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