What Is Typically Included in a Company Policies and Procedures Manual?


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A company policies and procedures manual typically includes sections that cover the basic code of conduct for employees, the process for terminating a position and details about equal opportunity and anti-discrimination rules. It should also feature multiple sections that relate to specific actions common to all employees, such as electing benefits, filing for time off and submitting payroll information.

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Creating a policies and procedures manual often begins with an analysis of the company's structure to determine its core values and how it wants employees to embody them, as well as the processes that employees may need to complete while working at the company. The document should begin with a statement of purpose for the company that expresses these values and proceed to a list of workplace requirements for employees in line with these ideas. This can include instructions to avoid certain types of language, the ways employees should treat customers or a dress code to follow during working hours.

The manual also needs to cover the company's polices on harassment and discrimination claims, including statements in compliance with state and federal equal opportunity laws as well as the methods for filing a complaint with the company. Additionally, it should explain the company's disciplinary policy and how an employee may lose her job for violating these rules. It should also contain a section explaining employee benefits, the rules for using shared amenities and instructions on how to fill out the most common types of paperwork.

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