What Is Typically Included in a Case Study Report?


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A case study report typically includes a introduction to the topic that explains the purpose of the document and the scope of the study, the results of interviews and research onto the topic and a summary of the findings from the process. It may also include recommendations for change to an existing entity or process as well as guidelines on conducting further research into the field to examine the findings.

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A case study is a type of professional writing that may appear in academic as well as business fields and focuses on an in-depth analysis of a particular concept or group in order to provide focus to a broad range of ideas. At the conclusion of the study, the parties conducting the research typically create a report that explains the entire process along with their findings. This report often begins with background information on the study, such as the reasons it took place and the specific information or results the researchers expected to find.

The body of the report consists of multiple sections explaining the results of the study, as most involve several facets that return a complex conclusion. Explaining the results may also require breaking the information down into distinct layers in order to provide context for the data. The end of the report focuses on how the results compare to the initial thesis and what effect the findings have on the company or industry to which it pertains.

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