What Is Typically Covered Under Cruise Insurance?


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Travel insurance for a cruise typically covers medical evacuations, trip cancellations, and flight delays and cancellations, according to NBC News. Most insurance policies also provide a stipend to purchase basic necessities in the case of delayed baggage as well as reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged baggage.

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If a traveler needs a medical evacuation due to a pre-existing health condition, the insurance policy may restrict coverage, explains NBC News. Depending on the policy, a traveler may have to be symptom-free for 60 to 180 days. Travelers may also have to purchase a policy within a certain number of days after purchasing the trip to retain medical evacuation coverage.

Coverage for flight delays or cancellations typically includes new accommodations, meals and a new flight, notes NBC News. Often there is a maximum monetary cap for the delay and a daily cap. Most policies require a flight delay of at least six hours or up to 12 hours before benefits apply.

Travel insurance refunds any prepaid costs associated with a trip cancellation as long as the policy does not specifically exclude the reason for the cancellation, reports NBC News. Policies often cover illness, broken bones and other unavoidable complications.

When purchasing a policy, travelers should look for a primary travel insurance policy, states NBC News. Secondary insurance policies require that a traveler's homeowners insurance or medical insurance pays for any covered costs first. Primary traveler's insurance pays the costs associated with the trip without billing other policies and typically pays faster when travelers make a claim.

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