What Is the Typical or Standard Job Description for a General Manager?

The standard job description for a general manager may include responsibilities such as hiring and training new managers, overseeing the operations of a specific department or segment of the company, developing budgets for those segments and meeting with managers to identify company needs. The general manager may also need to make reports for the executive staff and participate in specific projects as necessary.

A general manager typically tracks and monitors the actions of managers within a certain area of the company, such as the marketing department or a specific branch location. This includes meeting with each manager to create a uniform set of standards for operations, ensuring that they embody larger company values and understand current organizational goals. The general manager also works directly with each manager under her purview to provide guidance and feedback on smaller goals and structures, as well as creating or enforcing specific guidelines for processes such as performance reviews or terminations.

The general manager also fields complaints from the other managers as well as their employees regarding company issues or current processes, though some may fall under the responsibility of other groups or departments. Additionally, managers hold regular meetings to review goal progress and help develop new tactics for accomplishing tasks, joining in on major projects when appropriate. The general manager also compiles status reports on the performance of her team for the executive members or other general managers.