What Does a Typical Silent Auction Bid Form Include?


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Silent auction bid sheets typically include name of the sponsoring charity organization, bid item and its retail value, bid item donor name and columns for bidder information. A bid sheet also includes minimum bid, incremental bid and guarantee bid dollar amounts for a bid item. A portion of the bid sheet provides space for listing names, addresses and phone numbers of individual bidders. Each bidder is assigned a number, which is recorded along with a specific bid amount.

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Silent auction bid sheets should display an organizational logo and theme design that matches other literature and promotional marketing handouts tied to the event. Including the event's tag line on the bid document adds a nice touch. Ideally, a bid sheet is designed for easy reading in all sorts of lighting conditions. Designs that feature simple formatting and large fonts are easier on the eyes, so cramming too much information on the form is not advisable. Exact times for the start and ending of silent auction bidding should appear in the upper portion of the form.

Silent auction bid forms should clearly display bidding instructions so participants understand what to do. To preserve bidder anonymity, bidder names can be left off the form, and only bidder numbers used. Minimum bid amounts provide a good starting point for bid offers. An item's guarantee bid price should be set at 150 percent above its value.

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