What Are Typical Services Companies Offer for Employees?


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Typically companies provide orientation, on-the-job training and the tools necessary to perform the job, providing accommodations for those with disabilities. Employers usually offer vacation and sick leave, and they sometimes offer flex time; health, life and disability insurance; retirement plans; relocation expenses; training opportunities; educational leave and on-site child care.

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What Are Typical Services Companies Offer for Employees?
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Required employer-provided services or benefits include: time off for voting, jury and military service, and leave for serious personal or family medical issues or adoption. The Family Medical Leave Act, which ensures that companies with 50 employees or more provide 12 weeks leave per year for medical issues and the birth or adoption of a child, requires that employees use sick and annual leave first but then be allowed leave without pay without jeopardizing their position. Employees injured on the job or unemployed without cause benefit through employers' required compliance with workers' compensation and unemployment tax requirements.

Employer requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act include paying nonexempt employees the higher of the federal or state minimum wage, and providing compensation or time off at one and one-half times the hourly rate for hours worked over 40 per week.

The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies required accommodations for those with disabilities.

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