What Are Typical Salary Ranges for Pastors?

typical-salary-ranges-pastors Credit: Robert Nicholas/OJO Images/Getty Images

According to the 2011 figures of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest 10 percentile of pastors and clergy made $22,300 while the upper 90 percentile made $76,420. The mean annual wage was $47,730 or a mean hourly wage of $22.95. Pastors conduct religious services associated with the beliefs and practices of a religion, denomination or congregation and also provide spiritual advice, moral guidance and assistance to their members.

The industry a pastor's organization belongs to affects salary. The lowest-earning clergy worked for the Grantmaking and Giving Services industry with an average wage of $38,790 while those in the Federal Executive Branch with OES designation made the highest average wage of $72,940. Those working for religious organizations made on average $46,210 while those working for general medical and surgical hospitals made on average $49,430. Clergy at colleges, universities and professional schools made on average $53,100.

Location also affects employment and salary with New York, California and Oregon having the highest employment of clergy. New York employed 8,760 clergy earning on average an annual salary of $48,690. California had 4,800 clergy with an average salary of $55,070 while Oregon had 4,310 clergy earning a salary of $45,190. States that paid the highest salaries for clergy were Nevada, District of Columbia and Washington State. Nevada clergy earned on average $59,540; those from D.C. made $58,490 while those serving in Washington State made $58,130.