What Is the Typical Salary of a Mechatronics Engineer?


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A mechatronics engineer can expect to make, on average, between $64,000 and $96,000 a year. As with most jobs, experience and the state the person lives in will make a difference.

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These types of engineers are paid the most in the District of Columbia, $116,420, and Alabama, $103,070. Nebraska and Puerto Rico are on the opposite end, paying arguably the least, $57,580 and $58,690, respectively.

The Labor Department, which keeps wage data for all professions, doesn't have specific wage information for mechatronics engineers. However, engineers who specialize in mechatronics are classified as mechanical engineers: mechatronics is a portmanteau of "mechanical" and "electronics." In 2012, the median wages for mechanical engineers was $80,580.

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