What Are the Typical Responsibilities of a Surgical Tech?


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Surgical technicians are responsible for preparing operating rooms and equipment, preparing patients for surgery and assisting surgeons during surgery. Surgical technicians are also referred to as surgical technologists or operating room technicians.

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One major duty of surgical technicians is to ensure the operating room is ready for surgery. This involves making sure all the necessary equipment is assembled, sterilized and functioning properly. Surgical technicians also clean the operating room, make sure the surgical area is organized and ensure all the necessary surgical implements and solutions are sterilized and placed within each reach of surgeons.

Surgical technicians are also responsible for preparing patients for surgery. This involves shaving and disinfecting areas of the patient’s body that are to undergo operation. Surgical technicians are also typically responsible for moving patients to the operating room, positioning them on the operating table and moving them back to their rooms after surgery. Technicians also cover patients with sterile surgical drapes and monitor their vital signs during surgery.

During surgical procedures, technicians pass surgical tools such as scalpels and forceps to surgeons when requested. They also operate surgical lights, cut sutures and keep track of medical items such as sponges and needles. In addition, surgical technicians prepare and dispose of lab specimens.

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