What Are Some Typical Questions on a Nonprofit Volunteer Application Form?


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Typical questions on a nonprofit volunteer application form may focus on collecting basic personal information as well as details about previous experience working at other nonprofit organizations, such as past positions or other aspects of participation. It may also ask why the applicant wishes to volunteer with the organization, what hours or duties she wishes to work, and to provide references.

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Nonprofit volunteer application forms typically begin with sections to collect the applicant's name, address, phone number and email address, along with the best times and methods for a member of the organization to contact the applicant. Some forms may also ask the applicant to explain how she became aware of the program and why she wishes to be a part of it. This allows the organization to learn the applicant's motive and ensure it brings aboard to the most effective volunteers. The form may also ask the applicant to provide details about past volunteer experience, such as describing activities or listing the names of the organizations with which she has experience.

Some forms also require the applicant to specify the how she wishes to volunteer, including the exact role she wants, her available hours and the frequency with which she plans to participate. Depending on the nature of the organization, the form may also feature areas to include relevant work experience, knowledge of different languages or other skills applicable to its purpose.

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