What Are Some Typical Questions on a Cosmetology Quiz?


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Typical questions that appear on a cosmetology quiz may focus on the methods for sanitizing manicure tools, how to cut hair in a specific style or how long to leave treatments on a client during a facial. Cosmetology includes multiple specializations that each require knowledge of unique skills and practices, thus making each quiz or practice exam unique to that area.

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Cosmetology quizzes typically focus on a specific specialization, such as working with hair or makeup, applying facials, conducting manicures or the use of wigs. Each quiz generally includes multiple questions that focus on the specific terminology within that area, such as explaining the difference between a manicure and a pedicure. The quiz may also include pictures of tools common within that field and ask the student to provide its name and a description of its purpose. Since cosmetology involves primarily skilled tasks, the quizzes generally require applicants to perform a specific procedure on a mannequin or live subject.

Another common area that these quizzes cover is sanitation, specifically in regards to cleaning tools and equipment as well as the accompanying workspace. The quiz may involve the student visiting an actual workstation and answering questions from a proctor regarding the identification of specific items or the demonstration of a procedure, such as how to apply a smoky eye shadow to a client or preparing a shampoo station.

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