What Are Some Typical Questions on an Accounts Payable Test?

Typical questions on an accounts payable test include “What are the four methods of invoice entry?” and “PO is the abbreviation for what?” Questions typically revolve around invoices and expenses, forms and payments.

A study guide for candidates taking Oracle Fusion Financials exam titled Accounts Payable Essentials is available from Oracle.com. The study guide contains sample questions and objectives for each section of the examination. This exam covers generic questions relating to invoices and payments as well as questions regarding specialist software such as iSupplier and Oracle Fusion. Typical questions include “What are the options for creating a single payment?” and “What is matched when using four-way matching?”

Alternatively, sample accounts payable questions can be accessed on accountingcoach.com in the form of a quiz. This particular quiz offers fill in the blank questions and multiple choice offerings.