What Are Some Typical Prescreening Interview Questions?

typical-prescreening-interview-questions Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choices/Getty Images

Depending on the company's recruitment policies, prescreening interview questions are usually designed to help filter out the more qualified candidates, with some questions revolving around the job candidate's abilities and expectations. The prescreening interview questions that come in the form of questionnaires are either included in online application portals of the company or are sent via email to the candidates upon the human resources department's receipt of the application.

The prescreening interview process also helps keep the number of applicants down to the most qualified candidates so as not to overload the company's recruiters and hiring managers. Although the prescreening questions should ideally be related to the job position being applied for, they can run the whole gamut of traditional job interview questions.

There are a number of questions that a job candidate can expect during a job interview and some of these may also likely be asked during prescreening interviews.

Questions about strengths and weaknesses

While questions in this category may be asked in the actual interview, you may also run into these questions during prescreening. The questions in this category will determine if you have the right personality for the job position.

Questions about motivations and frustrations

The candidate is evaluated for his or her ability to fit into the company culture and managerial style with questions in this category. The questions are sometimes framed as a situational problems that the candidate will need to sort out and present a solution to.

Questions related to the recruitment rrocess

The questions in this category will touch on the candidate's salary expectations and anticipated work loads. The candidate will also be asked for references or availability and willingness to participate in a telephone interview.