What Are Some Typical Pieces of Information on an Order Form?


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Some information that typically appears in an order form include the contact details for both the party placing the order and the company handling its fulfillment, the date of the order and its total cost. The form also includes multiple entries for the goods the company is ordering, including descriptions, prices and total units for each item.

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An order form is an official document that tracks the request for goods or services from a business or individual, so that all parties involved understand the full needs and cost of the order. Though there are many types of order forms, most are variations on an purchase order form, which focuses on buying merchandise or other goods. The form typically begins with the name, address and phone number of the supplier or wholesaler, followed by the same information for the party placing the order. The bulk of the form consists of separate line items for each product the buyer wishes to purchase.

Some forms may include a description of the product, particularly if it the form is for a custom order that requires special instructions. Most forms typically include a space for the product's item number, along with an area for the total quantity per item and the total price. Some forms may account for a bulk discount on orders, factoring it in either at the end or for each product. The form concludes with a total cost of the order, accounting for all discounts and fees.

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