What are some typical pieces of information on a job application?


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Some typical pieces of information on a job application include academic achievements, skills and experience. Job applications are often used by employers to vet candidates before an interview, notes Purdue OWL Engagement.

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Writing a good job application is key to achieving success when seeking a job. It is prudent to research through online resources in order to find more information on how to submit a winning application. Before submitting an application, read all instructions and comply to the terms and conditions set by the employer, states Quint Careers.

The first section of the application is usually dedicated to personal information. This helps employers understand the type of person that is submitting the application. Some of the information required for this section include name, date of birth, marital status, religion and citizenship.

The next section is usually has information regarding work history. In this section, the applicant gives previous work engagements including the dates for each. This information helps employees determine the experience level of the applicant.

The third section of the application contains applicants education and training. This allows the employer to know the level of education and training the applicant has achieved so far. The final section often contains references.

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