What Is the Typical Paycheck of a Wal-Mart Employee?


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According to Wal-Mart spokesperson Kory Lundberg, the average annual salary of a Wal-Mart employee is $23,088 to $23,712. Full time Wal-Mart employees work up to 37 hours a week for 52 weeks and are paid $12 an hour, which amounts to between $1,924 and $1,976 a month.

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Wal-Mart employees can earn at least $9 an hour, which is $1.75 above the federal minimum wage, and they typically work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wal-Mart has come under scrutiny for its average annual salary, as it is hard for its employees to make a living on. Wal-Mart offers health insurance to its employees, but the money deducted to cover the costs leaves little disposable income for most employees.

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