What Are Some Typical Job Vacancies in US Embassies?


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Typical job openings in U.S. Embassies include a category of positions entitled Foreign Service Specialist and Locally Employed Staff that provide continuity services to embassies. Foreign Service Specialist positions include those in the fields of Administration, Construction Management, Information Technology, Office Management, Law Enforcement and Security, and Medical and Health.

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Job titles range from positions equivalent to a federal law enforcement official in the case of a Diplomatic Security Specialist Agent. Other frequently open positions include Office Management Specialist and Facilities Manager. Law Enforcement and Security positions include Security Technician Specialist, Security Engineer Officer and Diplomatic Courier.

Embassies also have frequent need for what they call Locally Employed Staff, or LE Staff, who are hired to support all types of embassy functions. They are employed in 270 embassies and consulates to provide continuity and support to all areas of embassy functions. They provide institutional knowledge and professional contacts that the embassies see as vital to their operations and actively seek foreign nationals and U.S. citizens living abroad to fill these positions.

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