What Is the Typical Job Description for Someone Working in Quality Assurance?

What Is the Typical Job Description for Someone Working in Quality Assurance?

The job description for a quality assurance or quality control operator includes examining materials and products for deviations or defects. The quality assurance operator is also responsible for ensuring the product meets the specifications set forth by company standards.

A quality assurance operator or manager validates the processes set forth by government and company regulations, provides documentation that provides proof of compliance and manages staff who are conducting inspections.

Job responsibilities of individuals working in quality assurance include communicating job expectations, planning and reviewing task assignments, orientation and training, and enforcing policies and safety procedures.

Quality assurance operators also report to higher management to aid with analyzing compliance standards, adherence to safety precautions and production practices. For example, in a factory, the quality assurance operator may notice a policy that puts an employee in danger and may make recommendations to revise the policy or procedure.

Quality assurance operators may also assist with strategic planning, prepare action plans, complete audits and identify solutions to problems within the company's practices. Financial planning and analyzing budgets may also fall under the scope of quality assurance. For example, a quality assurance employee may analyze cost-effective practices or recommend changes to the annual budget that allow for improved safety actions.

When performing inspections and audits, quality assurance employees are typically tasked with verifying employee qualifications, degrees or training to ensure each individual is qualified to complete specific job requirements.