What Is the Typical Job Description for a Maintenance Man?

typical-job-description-maintenance-man Credit: Penn State/CC-BY-2.0

Job descriptions for maintenance men primarily center around their repair and maintenance duties. The specifics of a given description also depend on whether the maintenance man is responsible for a single building or for an entire facility.

The typical job of a maintenance man is to help fix a variety of simpler problems related to a building's climate-control, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. A job description for a maintenance man focuses on those responsibilities but might also emphasize the necessity of collaborating with workers such electricians and plumbers to help diagnose and fix different issues within a building. Maintenance men often have to work in cooperation with building managers, assisting them in estimating certain costs and assessing whether occupant needs are being met.

The responsibilities of maintenance men often include janitorial duties, including ordering cleaning supplies, replacing broken fixtures, painting, emptying trash, cleaning windows and shoveling. These professionals regularly perform installation and inspection work .

The typical job requirements for a maintenance man include self-motivation and self-sufficiency. The position also requires a great deal of stamina and entails higher-than-average rates of injury because of the risks associated with performing certain duties. No formal education is usually required for the position of a maintenance man, though some specialized training in relevant fields may be viewed as a plus.