What Is a Typical Job Description of a Hematologist?


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A typical job description of a hematologist may include responsibilities such as testing blood samples for irregularities, operating a variety of medical equipment to analyze samples, filling out physical or electronic reports that include findings on tests and checking samples for specific outcomes or issues. The job may also involve performing other lab actions, attending meetings and supervising other technicians.

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The primary job function of a hematologist is to examine blood samples and document her findings, often within a medical or research facility. As such, many of the aspects of a job description for this position may focus on this task and the various aspects of carrying it out at the hiring location. It likely includes details about the procedure for ordering or obtaining samples, handling the equipment within the lab and using the appropriate forms to document actions. Some job settings may also include additional procedural requirements, such as the use of special software or unique needs to comply with other standards.

If the job involves working with patients, the description may cover the doctor's responsibility to perform examinations and prescribe medications or treatments as the result of the tests. Research environments typically do not involve working with the subjects directly, but may call for working with and reporting to other researchers. Both environments may also place the hematologist as a supervisor or team leader among other medical professionals.

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