What Is a Typical Job Description for a Church Administrator?

What Is a Typical Job Description for a Church Administrator?

The typical job description for a church administrator requires candidates to assist in organizing the church's activities and operations. Management of team logistics, as well as clear communication of events listed on the church calendar and the appropriate uses of church buildings, are also required. Church administrators have management responsibilities in the office, with the staff and with the ministry. They are also responsible for communication with different church sectors and take on human resource related tasks.

Church administrators need to adopt a corporate view of the church to run it effectively. In the office, they are required to enforce policies and establish clear communication using church bulletins. They are responsible for maintaining the building use schedule and keep track of supplies.

Administrators keep track of staff and make sure they understand the needs of the church. They schedule any needed maintenance and are in charge of the church database. Church administrators make the schedule for paid staff and volunteers and hold said staff accountable for their time and set budget for projects. They also work with the Pastor to provide needed resources for services.

Church administrators perform performance reviews of paid staff members and take part in the church's leadership teams. They help to plan staff retreats and are integral in the communication between the Pastor and staff. Additionally, they are in charge of the budget and making sure taxes are paid promptly and benefits are given to paid staff members.

Church administrators are also expected to have a deep relationship with Jesus. The development of ministry skills is required, and open, honest communication with the Executive Pastor is expected on a monthly basis.