What Are Some Typical Hospice Positions?

What Are Some Typical Hospice Positions?

Some typical hospice positions include palliative care nurses, aides, medical directors and therapists. Counselors are also often involved in caring for the patient and his family.

Palliative care nurses are an integral part of the hospice team. Their job is to keep the patient as comfortable and free of pain as possible. They monitor the state of the patient's health and dispense medications. A registered nurse typically acts as the case manager and serves as an advocate for the patient and his family.

Nurse's aides assist with the patient's basic needs, such as bathing and eating. They take and record vital signs.

Medical directors are doctors who oversee the patient's general care. Their job is to certify or re-certify patients' eligibility for hospice and help in developing a care plan.

Occupational and physical therapists are sometimes part of a patient's hospice team. Their role is to help keep pain to a minimum and to maximize the patient's quality of life.

Counselors give both the hospice patient and his family emotional support. They help the family members after their loved one has died and connect them to various community resources.