What Are Some Typical HOA Rules and Regulations?


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Typical homeowners association rules and regulations vary by community, but common rules include controlling what kind of pets are allowed, what kind of decorations or flags are visible, lawn maintenance requirements and the color a house is painted. Some homeowners associations impose rules and regulations related to parking.

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A homeowners association may not allow certain animals to live on a property. There may also be rules about the size or breed of animals, as well as how they are cared for. There may be rules pertaining to waste cleanup and leash use. Some homeowners associations require residents to keep their grass below a certain length. The homeowners association may provide a landscaping service, or the residents may be responsible for their own yards. It may be necessary to consult the homeowners association before adding bushes, gardens or other changes to the yard.

A homeowners association may have rules and regulations related to home maintenance, such as who pays for pest control, leaks and other common household problems. The homeowners association may have rules and regulations that control the designation of parking spots, how many vehicles can park in one driveway and whether broken or uninsured vehicles are allowed. Residents may need to contact the homeowners association before modifying the exterior of a house.

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