What Are Some Typical Goals for Teachers?

Some common professional goals for teachers include taking additional courses to work towards a master's degree or earn a more advanced license or certification. A few personal goals teachers can set include working with mentors, attending educational conferences and reading professional literature.

When establishing goals within an academic program, teachers often follow an acronym called a "SMART" plan. "SMART" means that goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and time-limited. Professional goals are often set by district administrators and a development committee for teachers within a district. Goals may include providing training sessions for teachers to help implement a program that improves student performance in a particular capacity.

One good goal a teacher can set is to improve technology skills. She can complete a tech JumpStart course or get certified as a Google Educator. A teacher can become a Google Educator by performing a series of online courses and passing exams that gauge the teacher's abilities with online Google applications, such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Calendar and Gmail. After a teacher achieves her goal of becoming a Google Educator, she can set a new goal to become a Google Certified Teacher, which requires on-site training and is much more rigorous.