What Are Some Typical Fields in a Rental Agreement?

Typical fields in a rental agreement include the name and address of the landlord and tenant, the length of the tenancy, the amount of rent, its due date and any late-payment penalties. Rental agreement fields should also include the address of the property as well as information on related spaces, such as a parking or storage space, that come with the rental.

Rental agreements should include details on fees such as security or cleaning deposits as well as information on who pays utilities. A more advanced agreement makes provisions for repair and maintenance duties if applicable, such as requiting that the tenant has the duty to keep the property in good shape and to perform basic tasks such as unclogging drains. Agreements also spell out what repairs and improvement projects are not allowed and under what circumstances the landlord has permission to go into the rental.

Fields that restrict the use of the property are necessary when a landlord does not want his tenant to have a waterbed, for example, or a home business. Other property restrictions in a rental agreement may include the number of guests permitted and if pets are allowed. Rental agreements tend to have clauses that outline the grounds for the tenancy to end.