What Are Some Typical Evening Shift Jobs?

What Are Some Typical Evening Shift Jobs?

Typical evening shift jobs include working as a nurse, journalist, industrial production manager or retail manager. Evening shift jobs are also commonly referred to as second shift jobs.

Workloads for evening shift nursing jobs may have more relaxed work environments because many patients are getting ready to sleep. Up to 30 percent of nurses working at hospitals and other health institutions work outside of the regular day shift hours.

Broadcast and print journalists who work the evening shift typically reach the widest audiences. Moving from the morning news desk to an evening news anchor is considered a promotion.

Many businesses run factory lines around the clock to increase profits and to remain competitive. Evening shift supervisors oversee workers running machinery on later shifts. Plastics, chemical and white paper companies typically run second and third shifts. Industrial workers likely to work the second shift include fabricators, machinists and assemblers.

Lastly, retail managers may be required to work the second shift to oversee stockers and cashiers in specialty stores, big-box retailers and grocery stores. Many retail operations operate outside of traditional working hours to accommodate consumer demands. Second shift retail managers may also be responsible for responding to customer service requests. They typically receive benefits including shift deferential and earn more than front-line workers.