What Are Some Typical Duties of a Teacher's Aide?


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A teacher's aide reinforces instruction, prepares materials and equipment, performs clerical work, supervises classrooms and assists with special-needs students. The goal of a teacher's aide is to ensure students' safety and provide another set of eyes while the primary instructor is busy.

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A teacher's aide may work with individual students or in a small group setting to provide additional instruction as part of reinforcement. The aide can answer questions and help with ancillary exercises in the library or at the computer lab. The aide also prepares homework, practice problems, class lessons and special events under the instruction of the primary teacher. Preparation of technical equipment, such as a audio-visual equipment or computer systems, is another task.

Clerical work relates to grading exams, recording grades, checking homework problems and drafting correspondence to parents. Distribution and filing are additional clerical tasks. Supervision is another component of an aide's job description, especially for classes related to physical education, art and music. Supervision during the students' free time, including lunch and recess periods, is another duty.

A teacher's aide helps with students who participate both in regular classes and speciality programs. Specifically, elementary school students require one-on-one instruction to understand expectations. The aide emphasizes classroom rules, instructions and guidelines while assisting students with physical disabilities.

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